Our Factory


Our factory is located in Quanzhou city which cover 14000 square meters.

We have eight production lines and one automatic line which is equipped by progressive computer stitching machines. We owns 160 workers, including 16 people of quality control team, 10 people of development & sampling team.

We have 15 years experience on bag production, yearly capacity is about 150000 piece bags per year.


Quality Control


Our QC team carries out the necessary inspectionIQC-IPQC-FQC-OQCfrom material supplying to finished products to make sure the mass product quality is the same as PPS.

  • Raw material Inspection and test
  • Providing production specification with operation instruction and key points
  • Pre-production meeting
  • On-line inspection
  • Final products inspection before package
  • Pre-shipment inspection according to AQL standard

Our QC team will do necessary performance test for zippers/ buckles and finished bags in-house.

  • Dynamic loading test
  • Color fastness to rubber
  • Salt and pray for metal accessories
  • Resistant test for zipper and fabric

We cooperated with third party company for limited of chemicals tests

Social Responsibility

Our factory do have BSCI and SEDEX audit report.

We are committed to Social Responsibility, and respect to people’s rights, equal opportunities, combination of work and family life.

We promise to provide security and clean workshop for our workers.

We Promise:

i)The General Products Safety Directive – basically, by law, we have to supply and delivery a safe product. We shall work closely with suppliers on design and testing to meet this requirement.

ii)Labelling Directive – we must label all products in accordance with the Directive.

iii) Banned and Restricted Substances – our products will not contain any of the chemicals which have been banned or restricted by law. The majority of these are listed under the REACH regulations but suppliers must be aware of any additional chemicals banned or restricted in the country of final destination.

iv) REACH – Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals – we will be working with suppliers to identify and eliminate substances of very high concern and other dangerous chemicals from our products. A list of Substances of Very High Concern is included.

iiv) All services we provide including manufacture, packaging ,packing, making, storing, handling and delivery are carried out accordance with all applicable laws.